25 Years in Harvard Square What’s changed, what hasn’t, and why

A VISITOR FROM Kansas City who had never been to Harvard Square recently strolled through it and then enjoyed a grilled salmon dinner at The Harvest restaurant. “The Square is wild,” the man said, his eyes gleaming with appreciation. “There’s so much going on. The street musicians.


Sometimes our efforts are very local, like the time we all came together to sponsor the wedding of Dennis Coveney and Kelly Dugas. Other times it is an internationally focused effort.

Curious George Is Packing His Bags In Harvard Square

BOSTON — Curious George & Friends in Harvard Square is closing after 15 years of business. Hillel Stavis and Donna Friedman launched the children’s book store in 1996 to honor their friends, H. A. and Margret Rey, the couple who created that naughty little monkey.

At Harvard Shelter, The Elite Serve The Homeless

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — As darkness falls on Harvard Square, students wrapped tight against the freezing cold hustle down icy, red-brick sidewalks and past snow banks, eager to reach the warmth of dorms and libraries.