Thank you Regency Centers! Harvard Square welcomes two art gallery pop-ups!!

Regency Centers, owner and operator of The Abbot in Cambridge, MA, is pleased to announce the addition of Spaceus to the existing retailer lineup, as well as the relocation of The Miller-Havens Fine Arts Studio.


“This was the perfect fit right from the start,” said Sam Stiebel, Vice President of Investments for Regency Centers. “As soon as Stephanie Lee and Ellen Shakespear presented Spaceus to our team we knew it was a great addition for the area. It’s such a unique and community-driven concept, and we can’t wait to see what is created and showcased here in this space.”


Spaceus’ collective space is built for the creative-minded and community oriented and is meant to empower local artists to curate workshops, lectures, events, and exhibitions. Spaceus encourages their members to work messily, facilitate connections between artists and non-artists, and leverage their core group of members to build a diverse community of creatives.


“With the move of Miller-Havens Fine Arts Studio to a new space, we are looking forward to being able to provide a more engaging and community-focused experience through art and culture,” said Krista Di Iaconi, Senior Vice President and Senior Market Officer for Regency.


On September 17th, Regency will facilitate the move of the Miller-Havens Fine Arts Studio from 18 Brattle Street to 9 JFK Street. Miller-Havens will be the first artist to have an exclusive artist-run gallery in Harvard Square. Her paintings focus on the subtleties within relationships, and the human condition in general. She is known as an artist who invites the viewer into the painting through an unexpected use of color, absence of background, and inventive cropping of the images. Notably, two of her portraits are currently are in the Permanent Collection of The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.


“I look forward to seeing these two exciting local art uses bring life to previously vacant storefronts,” said Mayor Marc C. McGovern. “Regency is making great efforts to not only bring new energy to the Square, but to also preserve a local institution with Curious George.”


Earlier this year, Cambridge approved the proposed restoration efforts, with Regency planning to start construction in early 2019.


About Regency Centers

Regency Centers is the preeminent national owner, operator, and developer of community-facing shopping centers located in thriving and dynamic neighborhoods across the country. Our portfolio includes properties with highly productive grocers, national retailers, local concepts, and fresh-to-market operators that are accurate reflections of the lifestyles and needs that surround it. Established in 1963, Regency Centers prides itself on its set of Core Values that have earned accolades for efforts in sustainability, charitable giving, and community engagement.