HSBA Welcomes Newest Member – Community Phone Company

The HSBA is pleased to introduce its newest member, the Community Phone Company!


Community Phone Company Launches Locally in Harvard Square, Cambridge and the greater Boston area!


Thiel Fellow funds new telecommunications startup aimed at providing affordable cell phone plans and exceptional service!


Cambridge, MA—August 15th, 2018— The Harvard Square Business Association is pleased to announce that HSBA member, the Community Phone Company is launching locally today in Harvard Square, Cambridge and throughout the Boston area. 


The Community Phone Company, a startup that answers the need for truly customer-centric telecommunications, today announced its launch in Boston with 200 customers and twelve employees. Community Phone has already saved Bostonians  more than $100k yearly on their phone plans. Community Phone is the only mobile carrier headquartered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  


Community Phone purchases wholesale data from Sprint —enabling it to operate on an international network—and passes wholesale prices directly on to its customers, with plans starting at only $25/month. Packages include a new iPhone 6 for an additional $5/month. This small fee includes in-person phone set-up and 24/7 at-home phone assistance for its customers.


“I created the Community Phone Company out of a simple desire to ensure that my customers will be treated with dignity and respect,” said Graham. “I want everyone to be able to afford a mobile phone and a service plan that’s easy to use.  I want my customers to save time and money, while protecting their privacy. Social responsibility is integral to Community Phone’s core mission.”   


·        Save time:  We come to you at your home/office (all across greater Boston) and whenever you call in, you quickly get a human being. 

·        Save money:  Because we don’t have retail stores, we can pass those savings on through our “pay for what you use” plans (we’ve found that 80% of the time you use 50% less than you think!)

·        Privacy:  We don’t track you and we don’t resell your data to advertisers or other third parties.

·        Engagement:  Each month we publish spotlights of local businesses and noteworthy customers in our newsletter which has a circulation of more than 2000 and growing. New customers are encouraged to be featured.  

·        Social responsibility:  We organize “tech help” events at low income/senior centers, where we promote digital literacy and answer tech questions, helping folks to become more comfortable with the online world. 


For more information, please contact
Ellie Lasater-Guttmann
The Community Phone Company
office: 617-963-0004 | personal: 1 (703) 999-2602
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