Women’s History Month is celebrated in Harvard Square!

The Harvard Square Business Association is pleased to observe Women’s History Month in Harvard Square. We applaud our woman-owned businesses, women organization directors, and all women civic, political and academic leaders in Cambridge.

Shop for Japan Relief Day

Nearing two weeks since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan the effects continue to be felt by huge numbers of people. Black Ink wishes to make a gesture of support and concern.

Once Upon a Time in Harvard Square

Thank you, Boston, for not dumping beer on my wife during the Rangers-Bruins game on Saturday at the Boston Garden, even though she wore her blue No. 68 Jagr jersey and was cheering for New York. (A former colleague in Boston points out, “It may have been an oversight rather than a courtesy.

Harvard Go Bragh Events in Harvard Square

Corned Beef, Irish Elk, Pots of Gold and Green Galore! Come join us for Harvard-go-Bragh. The restaurants, shops, salons and museums of Harvard Square celebrate all things Irish on St.

Harvard Square Helping Haiti

Last year, the Harvard Square Business Association partnered with HSBA member and friend, Kathy Irving, Vice President of Hammond Real Estate in her efforts to “Help Haiti Walk.” Her efforts helped collect over 10,000 lbs.