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Home Organizing for Trapped Tigers: Gaining More Peace, Productivity, and Power

July 12, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


July 12, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Living Harmony, LLC
24 Harvey Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 United States


Living Harmony
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As we ease back into the lives we knew before this pandemic, most of us have reservations.  Being in our homes more has led to an increased intimacy with what is in them, what we do in them, and how we do it.  What do we want to change in our landscapes and how we function in them?  What do we want to go back to doing and how?  Some of us have realized that we need to shred some stuff, dismantle some ideas, and confront some facts about ourselves.

And the outer world is giving us the message that working from home, in some increased form than before, is here to stay.  So, intentional order in our spaces and with our time has become even more significant.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, want to set up healthier boundaries as you work from home, get the most out of your technology, or have an organizing project that you have been wanting to get done, join Cambridge’s only Certified Professional Organizer Erika Salloux for this fun, FREE five part series.

some of what you’ll experience about organizing your home . . .

* the simple method for eliminating paper clutter forever (including how to clear the mess off your desk in 15 minutes)

* the biggest organizing steps mistake and how to avoid it

* the three super, super simple steps to organize anything

* all the clutter categories, along with the top causes of clutter, and why knowing them will help you conquer them

* a fun game to play that helps you let go of unwanted items that have been challenging to release

* the secret to trusting your choices when letting go of items

* one powerful question to ask yourself over and over when decluttering to get you to your goal

* the single most important thing you absolutely must do to maintain your new-found order

some of what you’ll take away to maximize your tech . . .

* the one uber mantra to follow when it comes to decluttering and simplifying your technology

* the most crippling habit to stop right now that will facilitate the mix of productivity and peace you want when on your computer

* the three simple and doable actions that will rid you of email overload and stress for good

* why 90% of people are not as technologically productive as they could be and what you can do about it to not be one of them (exposing two terrible trends here)

* two computer apps and some unusual music that will get your creative juices flowing and escalate your productivity (the findings of extensive research on this topic!)

* a powerful pair of apps that work in tandem on your phone that will change forever (for the better, of course) how you handle your reimbursable receipts

some of what you’ll discover about physical and time boundaries. . .

* the top four boundary tools to increase your serenity and have more harmonious relationships

* the Fabulous Five steps to setting a loving and powerful boundary

* the revealing of the surprising myths on boundaries

* three soft, affirmative boundary scripts

* an exercise in which you walk away with a new, empowering boundary you can begin tomorrow

* the one simple question to ask yourself to know if you are breaking your own boundaries and sabotaging yourself

* the surprising science that supports all the strategies

Yes, yes, of course, there are bonuses.

* breakout rooms for connection, sharing, and brainstorming for support and success

* a coworking space during each session to plan your tiny tasks to accomplish your organizing goals

These are strategies clients have been happily using for years in the best of times.  And they also have been working in these most challenging and unpredictable times.


Let’s do this together.