New Cambridge shop, Esmeralda, showcases socially conscious jewelers

Lambert’s store, “Esmeralda,” opened at 54 Church St. in Cambridge in October. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, 32-year-old Lambert said she always knew she wanted to start a company. As a jewelry designer, Lambert didn’t want her store to only feature her own products, but rather showcase a variety of artists.“I didn’t want to limit my store to just my line – I wanted to support other small brands like myself,” she said.Specifically, Lambert said she wanted to offer items from family-run businesses and those with a social responsibility. Every slot in the store displays jewelry from a different designer or artist, as well as homemade soaps, hand bags and other accessories.“I choose everything very carefully. All the jewelry in here is something I would wear myself,” she said.According to Lambert, women in the Dominican Republic tend to enjoy dressing up and looking nice — sparkly, eye-catching jewelry plays a major role. In addition to the Dominican Republic, Lambert’s store features the work of designers from Massachusetts, Utah, California, North Carolina, Mexico, Brazil and Nepal.For her personal jewelry line, Lambert has seven women artisans on her team based in the Dominican Republic, and she travels back and forth to meet with them and collaborate. “They work from home so they can take care of their kids at the same time. Working on my jewelry is how they support their families,” she said.


By Natalie Handy
Posted Mar. 14, 2016 at 3:22 PM
Updated Mar 15, 2016 at 8:52 AM