you’re invited to “happiness fantasy: epistemological and sociotechnical plasticity” [happening 2]

may 24th, 7 pm

We are excited to invite you to the opening of the basement section of our exhibit, featuring live music performances by special guest artists. 

location: (snobby) institute
1420 massachusetts ave, harvard square (next to bank of america & the coop)

“Happiness Fantasy” delves into the interplay between architecture and sociotechnical imaginaries—visions of desirable futures crafted by shared social understandings, as described by Professor Sheila Jasanoff. “Happiness Fantasy” is designed as a hyper-designed object that aims to control and predict environments, utilizing modern technologies for interaction and collaboration, while challenging the notions of individual and collective existence. The project examines how these nodes of concentration serve to maintain economic, cultural, and political influence, proposing that the pursuit of utopian visions inherently carries dystopian elements by reinforcing singular sociotechnical imaginaries. Through a blend of participatory and non-participatory observations, the exhibited works explore the creation of utopias and dystopias encapsulated in the metaphorical “temple” and “garden.”

The exhibit is presented by (snobs._), Pin Sangkaeo + Benson Joseph, students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. We are grateful to Gazit Horizons and Harvard Square Business Association for their generosity in providing the space. The (snobby) institute will transform into a hub for events and gatherings, courtesy of the allure supplied by Harvard University and its respected municipality.

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