With Love from Harvard Square, A Video Valentine

Show Me the Love
The Harvard Square Business Association (HSBA) created a series of 1-3 minute Video Valentines Verities in 2007, airing them on www.harvardsquare.com and ‘YouTube”. Quirky, colorful, unique, and random, each video valentine features Harvard Square residents, workers, visitors, and/or celebrities.

Inspiring the Love
February is an exciting month in Harvard Square for our 93 restaurants, 40 plus cultural organizations, and hundreds of retail shops. There are menus, events, films, desserts, concerts, and shopping deals to celebrate matters of the heart. The truth about Love in Harvard Square is a much bigger story… so widespread, embracing, and expressive that it took 28 days of videos in 2007 to deliver it to you. In 2008 we have a very special surprise on the 29th.

Directing the Love
Videographer and Co-producer for “With Love from Harvard Square,” is nationally renowned still photographer Mark Ostow, who lives and works within minutes of Harvard Square. Mark with his camera and our sound guy Eric Walendzinski with his boom mike have charmed their way into the hearts of our subjects. Co-producer Robin Lapidus, Director of Marketing and Events for the HSBA, says the heart of Harvard Square has “its seasons, its evenings, and songs of its’ own.”