Wheel Questions / Wheel Answers

A World Record Attempt in Harvard Square, Sunday, June 14, 2009 www.harvardsquare.com

June 5, 2009 / Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

This summer, a public art project in Harvard Square will collect over 10,000 questions from the community — and answer each one! Tourists, students, and locals will find “Wheel Questions”, which resembles an upright drum or a secular Tibetan prayer wheel, on the sidewalk outside One Brattle Square, Cambridge.

The project is the invention of Johnny Monsarrat, an artist who works in high-tech and writes a blog. He takes each question card and writes an answer on the back, meant to inspire people to think rationally and change their life for the better. The cards with their questions and answers get hung on the installation and posted on a website for all to see.

In 2008, the project collected and answered 1,300 questions. In 2009, the Wheel aims to set a world record for the most questions answered, with a single installation that tours through Harvard Square, Davis Square, and several local festivals.

Please join us for an opening celebration Sunday June 14th at 12pm, with live music, street performers, a short introduction by the artist, and folk dancing by Red Herring Morris of Belmont, MA.

For more information, see the Harvard Square Business Association at www.harvardsquare.com