Warm, Dark, Sweet and Luscious: Chocolate Festival in Harvard Square 2012

Fire + Ice will host Death by Chocolate, a Murder Mystery, where diners will experience delectable chocolate treats and an interactive theatre experience. For those who would like to learn more about the intricacies of chocolate and the chocolate making process, “The Art of Chocolate Tasting” will be hosted by Russell House Tavern and Finale will host “An Evening of Wine and Chocolate”. On Saturday from 1pm – 2pm, Deguglielmo Plaza (in front of Crema Cafe at 27 Brattle Street) will be the location of a free chocolate sampling event featuring delicious chocolate treats from Harvard Square’s finest purveyors along with prizes and entertainment!

Dining in Dark at Nubar
Friday, January 27th at 7:00 p.m.
Bill Flumerfelt invites you join him for his “first time” ever Dining in the Dark at Nubar, 16 Garden St Cambridge, MA The concept of eating in complete pitch-black originated with Jorge Spielmann, a blind clergyman from Zurich. When guests ate at his home, some would wear blindfolds during their meal to show solidarity with their host and to better understand his world. What his guests, and others around the world have discovered, is that blindfolds heightened their taste of sense and smell, making their dining experience more enjoyable. Founded by David Goldstein, the creator of Boston Chocolate Tours, Mystery Café, and the award-winning TeamBonding, Dining in the Dark provides New England with its first taste of this new dining concept. Reservations are to be made through Nubar. The price per person is $65 and the capacity is 35 attendees.
Nubar, 16 Garden Street, www.nubarcambridge.com

Saturday, January 28th
Harvard Square Chocolate Treasure Hunt
From 11am-2pm
Stop by our table at Deguglielmo Plaza (27 Brattle Street) to purchase a map which will start your Harvard Square Chocolate Treasure Hunt! The treasure hunt can be completed in as little as 45 minutes but guests are free to take their time and enjoy the square and take as long as they need to complete the hunt. All of the proceeds from the maps, on sale for $1.00 each, go to support the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

Saturday, January 28th
Harvard Square Chocolate Sampling Event
From 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Deguglielmo Plaza (27 Brattle Street) will play host to an array of chocolaty samples from restaurants and shops from across Harvard Square.
Sponsors offering samples include:
JP Licks , www.jplicks.com
Sweet , www.sweetcupcakes.com
Lizzy’s , www.lizzysicecream.com
Bertuccis , www.bertuccis.com
Finale , www.finaledesserts.com
Legal Seafoods , www.legalseafoods.com/restaurants/cambridge-charles-square


Saturday January 28
Russell House Tavern
Art of Chocolate Tasting
” The Art of Chocolate Tasting” Guided by our master chocolatier, The Art of Chocolate Tasting explores the rich history of chocolate and the cacao bean, from the mountains of Peru and its divine history among royals, to the sweet delicacies we all enjoy today. Reservations are to be made at www.tasteofchocolate.com Tickets are $25 per person with a capacity of 30 attendees.
Russell House Tavern, 14 JFK Street, www.russellhousecambridge.com
For tickets, 781-784-7469, http://www.littleurl.net/9be4f3

Saturday January 28
An Evening of Wine and Chocolate
“An Evening of Wine and Chocolate” explores the rich history of wine AND chocolate. The focus is on fun while taking a systematic approach to tasting wine and pairing it with chocolate. You will discuss how chocolate is made, from bean-to-bar, and fine wine from vine-to-glass, and, of course, there’ll be plenty of tasting. Reservations are to be made at www.tasteofchocolate.com. The tickets are $48 per person and the capacity is 25 attendees.
Finale, 30 Dunster Street, www.finaledesserts.com
Saturday January 28
Death by Chocolate (Murder Mystery)
Fire + Ice
The Mystery Café is America’s Original Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, serving up both meals and laughter since 1986. As Boston’s premiere source of interactive entertainment, you’re not just watching our original comedic plays while dining on a gourmet three course dinner, you are actually a part of the show!