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Faro Cafe


Faro is about leisure, community, abundance and is very much in love with Thoreau. We hope to offer a place for bringing friends together. We are post-productive, slightly romantic and we kinda hate plastic lids. Faro strives in some small way to counter act the trend of disappearing real, independently-owned spaces at the cold hand of (infinite) economic growth. We see and feel a loss of cherished local places and a strong need to reconnect, both with one another, with the places we inhabit, with the planet. We think that our current times of social and ecological crisis demand new ways of being in the world beyond consumerism and productivity. So we strive to be a place for imagining regenerative futures, through; live music, skill sharing, pop-up art exhibitions, repair workshops and talks. Faro is your friendly, light-hearted and a little bit irreverent new coffee spot.

Monday – Thursday 8am – 3pm
Friday – Sunday 8am – 4pm