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cut.paste.love Design


I am a designer, an experimenter, a problem solver and a small business owner. I simultaneously think big picture while keeping an eye down at the cracks, curious as to know if they warrant gold seeds, or perhaps nothing at all.  When I moved to Boston twelve years ago, I started a side project, making and selling cards & postcards, creating personalized invitations and offering my skills to local companies interested in the hand-made aesthetic. My skills developed quickly and I soon moved onto more refined projects, designing wedding invitations, building & painting chalked signs and eventually graduating to Head Designer of a well-known local event company.

Since then, I’ve been afforded (and gratefully taken!) a myriad opportunities in both Boston and Seattle to carve out an independent and artistic niche for myself, offering creative services to bars, cafes, restaurants & small businesses throughout both cities! From logo design and branding, interior design and original artwork; to hand- drawn lettering and typography, my love for developing spaces, especially those that encourage positive and curious human behavior and interaction is my life’s passion.

So, whether you are starting a small business from scratch, searching for a style that will set you apart from competition; are anxious to freshen up a tired or played aesthetic, or maybe you just need an artistic set of eyeballs, ready to receive an honest assessment and a helpful hand, I’m the one who is excited to turn your burden into something beautiful.

Let’s get to work.