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Since 1994, Crown Castle has worked around the country to build and maintain the infrastructure behind the world’s most revolutionary technologies. This comprehensive portfolio of towers, small cells, and fiber gives people and communities access to essential data, technology and wireless service and opens the door to countless opportunities and possibilities. We continue to work closely with wireless carriers, businesses, technology companies, governments, and communities to make sure these transformative ideas and innovations find their way to the people who rely on them.

Our infrastructure makes today’s most promising innovations possible and is transforming the way people live, work and experience the world. We continue to work closely with wireless carriers, governments, communities, businesses, and technology companies to make sure these transformative ideas and innovations find their way to the people who rely on them.

What does small cell technology mean for Harvard Square?

Family and Public Safety: By expanding and densifying coverage for daily communication, small cell network upgrades will provide more reliable access to emergency services such as police, firefighters and first responders. Today, 80% of 911 calls are placed from a wireless device, making reliable service more important than ever.[1]

  • As a high-traffic locale in the Greater Boston Area, often hosting prominent world leaders, business leaders, and other high security individuals, Harvard Square requires an expanded data capacity to ensure public safety officials have the network necessary to safeguard their community while visitors and residents can continue their data use without interruption.
  • Access to voice, video, and data helps first responders perform more effectively.[2] Live video feeds, video analytics, and surveillance all benefit from the increased data capacity Crown Castle can provide, as does 911 emergency response. As public safety technology develops, it is important to create the infrastructure needed for implementation.
  • 89% of public safety decision makers say that wireless data is just as important as voice.[3]

Necessity: There are more mobile devices in use in the United States today than there are people. Over half of American households rely on wireless only, with the average household having 13 connected devices.[4]

  • Harvard University has a seasonal student population of 20,320.[5] As landlines continue to decline and mobile usage increases, the data network needs to be able to support both the students, and the residents and businesses there year round.
  • In the Harvard Square Area, there are 2,300 households with children. [6] Nearly 50% of school administrators prioritize mobile access when updating emergency response plans.[7] Increased connectivity will give schools and families the resources they need to ensure children’s health and safety.

Economics and Tourism:As the third best retail market in the state with 8,500 guest rooms available to the over 8 million annual visitors[8], Harvard Square’s economic development and tourism priorities will be buoyed by Crown Castle’s work in the area.

  • 33% of smartphone owners use their devices for navigation.[9] Increased data will help visitors and residents access real time information about public transportation and access to look up and contact local businesses.
  • Increased data will support businesses in their day-to-day needs, ranging from credit card technology to reservation systems and inventory tracking. Today’s small businesses increasingly rely on wireless connectivity to stay competitive. Small cell technology in our communities gives our small businesses the access they need, whether it’s accepting payment on a mobile card reader or completing a sale on the go. With more than 350 businesses within a ¼ square mile[10], wireless connectivity is important to the continued economic vitality of the Square.
  • By relieving capacity congestion for high traffic events, such as Harvard Graduation and Oktoberfest, residents and businesses will experience less delay in their normal coverage and visitors will be able to engage with the Square across multiple data platforms

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More than 1,880 employees volunteered to clean up parks across the country as part of the company’s Connected by Good program


CAMBRIDGE Crown Castle, the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, hosted a day of service on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, as part of its Connected by Good community service initiative. On a single day, over 1,880 employees helped revitalize 22 parks in 21 cities, for a total of 9,500 volunteer hours spent enhancing the communities where employees live and work.


In Cambridge, 22 local Crown Castle employees rolled up their sleeves at Cambridge Common to remove weeds, compost, and clean tree wells. To show support, Denise Jillson, executive director of Harvard Square Business Association, attended and joined employees in their efforts.


“Our employees are enthusiastic about community service, and every year they look forward to our volunteer day dedicated to cleaning up parks across the country. We are excited to announce that Connected by Good has expanded, and throughout the year, we now work with schools and libraries to provide access to education and technology in underserved communities. Additionally, we support first responder organizations to help improve public safety in our communities,” said Jay Brown, president and CEO of Crown Castle.


Crown Castle employees cleaned up 22 parks during the Connected by Good day of service:

  • Atlanta, GA – Maintained trails at the Outdoor Activity Center
  • Baltimore, MD – Restored and built trails; cleaned up around streams; and removed invasive plants at the Carrie Murray Nature Center
  • Boston, MA – Removed weeds, composted, and cleaned tree wells at Cambridge Common
  • Boxborough, MA – Cleared trails and landscaped around Sargent Memorial Library
  • Brooklyn, NY – Cleaned up and painted at Floyd Patterson Ballfields
  • Charlotte, NC – Picked up trash, mulched, and removed invasive plants at Reedy Creek Park
  • Chicago, IL – Picked up trash, and removed overgrown trees and plants at Dan Ryan Woods
  • Dallas, TX – Removed weeds, planted, and trimmed and removed brush at Kiest Memorial Gardens and Nature Preserve (project completed May 9 due to inclement weather)
  • Herndon, VA – Removed invasive plants, mulched, and painted at Runnymede Park
  • Houston, TX – Cleaned up debris, removed weeds, and mulched newly planted trees at MacGregor Park
  • Irvine, CA – Painted, planted, and cleaned up at Memorial Park
  • Los Angeles, CA – Removed trash and cleaned up at Lake Balboa Park
  • Louisville, KY – Mulched, landscaped, and planted at Shelby Park
  • Miami, FL – Mulched trees and flower beds; removed debris; and planted and painted at Ives Estates Park
  • Philadelphia, PA – Cleaned up, landscaped, and painted at the Schuylkill River Trail
  • Phoenix, AZ – Cleaned up Palma Park and the 10th & 11th street basins
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Mulched, removed weeds, and picked up trash at Point State Park and conducted a large-scale trash cleanup at South Park
  • Rochester, NY – Raked leaves and seeded plants at historic Mount Hope Cemetery
  • Sarasota, FL – Removed litter and mulched at Longwood Park
  • Seattle, WA – Cleared out invasive weeds, blackberry plants, and ivy at the west border of the Pritchard Island Beach
  • Uniondale, NY – Picked up trash, removed invasive plants, and raked leaves at Francis Purcell Preserve


About Crown Castle

Crown Castle owns, operates and leases more than 40,000 cell towers and approximately 70,000 route miles of fiber supporting small cells and fiber solutions across every major U.S. market. This nationwide portfolio of communications infrastructure connects cities and communities to essential data, technology and wireless service – bringing information, ideas and innovations to the people and businesses that need them. Connected by Good is Crown Castle’s community service program, and throughout the year the company works to improve public spaces where people connect; promote public safety; and advance access to education and technology. For more information on Crown Castle, please visit www.crowncastle.com.