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Cambridge Forum’s purpose is to inform, explore, entertain and challenge preconceptions on a wide range of current and timeless subjects. Forums are recorded live with audience participation, and freely distributed to the world through NPR, GBH Forum Network, and CF podcasts. The outcome is a community better informed to understand and appreciate what affects life and the planet.

For nearly five decades, Cambridge Forum has provided free public forums for the discussion of the issues and ideas that are shaping our world. From culture to technology, the environment to public policy, Cambridge Forum offers citizens vital information about the challenges facing contemporary society.

Cambridge Forum events are free and open to the public.

Our programs aim to freely

  • Open up minds to new ideas, developments, experiences, and opportunities for further exploration.
  • Educate individuals so that they can make more informed decisions about the salient issues that affect their lives and indeed, all life on the planet.
  • Promote discussions from presentations of guest speakers, who invite the live audience members to participate and engage with their own opinions, questions and concerns.
  • Present a progressive viewpoint in its choice of topics that widely reflect current and future societal concerns; taking its input from a wealth of speakers including authors, innovators, activists, powerbrokers and policymakers.

Forum programs, which are edited and produced for subsequent broadcast on public radio stations nation-wide, feature the nation’s most noted thinkers, creators, social entrepreneurs, and leaders from the worlds of academia, business, government, media and the arts. Select forums can be viewed on the YouTube Channel hosted by the WGBH Forum Network. Programs are held at the First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) located at 3 Church Street in Harvard Square, 7:00 pm, on Wednesday evenings.

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June 4 @ 5:00 pm


June 18 @ 5:00 pm


June 4 @ 5:00 pm