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Bonde Fine Wine Shop


Bonde Fine Wine Shop by Bertil is a Store-concept dedicated to *Authors’ Wines and accessories. Bonde Give a large place to Our American Winemakers and Artisans. We also support the world Neo Artisans Movement.

Bonde certification label offers the guarantee that the products available meet the standards of high quality and authenticity, but also are sourced uniquely from Eco responsible and Sustainable practice.

A unique location, Bonde Fine Wine Shop is a micro-space for wine and accessories purchase, meetings, exchanges, and events, where you will discover a revolutionary concept in the approach of the   7 senses (Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Intuition, Meaning of others).

An active and responsive enterprise, Bonde Fine Wine by Bertil remains constantly connected with you by its online store, blog, Podcast, Newsletter, and educational activities.

Design to serve the Local Cambridge Community Bonde will offer Local delivery and shipping service available throughout all of Massachusetts.\

* Wines by Authors

An author’s wine is anything but a standard, stereotypical wine, made to appeal to as many people as possible. It is therefore rarely produced by the millions and is never copied from vintage to vintage. An author’s wine, therefore, is a wine that does not resemble the other one, like a photocopy.

From year-to-year an author’s wine will evolve according to the whims of the weather and the mood of the author. Because the author does not rely on market research to steer his boat (with the exception to be the most eco-Responsible as possible by applying all the philosophy of sustainability, from the field to the bottle). He or she makes their wine as they feel, as THEY like it, as they can, without cheating. The wine and the author are often a little rebellious, but that’s why we love them!  That said, author’s wines are not systematically marginal: they are present in most of world’s legal “appellations” and can be part of the elite of these (and often unavailable to the general public). These wines don’t just have personality: they’re good, too! These are wines that you are never board of, from the first sip to the last drop.

As the author’s wines are not chaptalized or trafficked in anyway… they can have very different profiles depending on the vintage. It is up to us to accept them as they are, and to remain loyal to the producers, because they need us to continue their mission and to be free to express their opinion.

Bonde, what Bonde? (pronounce BOND)

Bonde, pronounced “bond,” refers to the round hold in the barrel used to fill the barrel, as well as the piece of wood or cylindrical-conical glass used to fill the hole. The bonde seals the wine, which is set to age.

The Glass bonde is always handcrafted. Each is individually blown by master glass blowers which makes it an object that is always unique and dedicated to a specific barrel.

The name Bonde also refers to the importance of human bonding— the process of developing close, interpersonal relationships between people. While bonding often takes place between family members or friends, it can also develop among groups, whenever people spend time together, especially when they are sharing a common interest. That is what we hope to achieve with Bonde: a place where wine lovers of all levels can come together to discuss, learn and most importantly, enjoy new experiences and friendships.

Business Hours

Open from Tuesday to Sunday
10AM to 12PM by appointment only
12PM to 6 PM
6PM to 10 PM for private events
Closed Monday