Trendsetting Lizzies does it again

Earlier this year, they discovered that one of their suppliers had created a miniature ice cream cone. The cone was designed for dispensing small portions of ice cream, usually at a sampling event. At the 2009 Taste of Cambridge in Harvard Square, they handed out samples of our ice cream on these miniature cones. People loved the size of the portion, stating they were often overwhelmed by the size of regular ice cream servings.

Lizzy’s owner, Nick Pappas realized that selling a very small cone (think half the size of a Kiddie Cone), made sense for several reasons.

“People are generally more conscious of diet and nutrition. There is usually room in any diet for the occasional indulgence, but often the portions are larger than they want. “I just want a taste of ice cream, not a large serving”. Today, people are much more conscious of how much money they are spending. A small indulgence at a low price is appropriate right now.

We sell over 40 flavors of homemade ice creams, frozen yogurts, etc. Some people want to have a small portion of several flavors. For new customers, trying a few flavors in small servings during their first visits to Lizzy’s is a great idea. People want to “eat around” before making the big commitment to one or two flavors.

We are entering New England’s 6 month cold season. A small cone allows for a satisfying taste of ice cream without dropping your core body temperature to the point of hypothermia.

So, starting this week, we are embarking on a new voyage of discovery at Lizzy’s. We are introducing the $1.49 ice cream cone (plus tax). Drop by, tell us what you think. If it works out, we will make it a permanent part of our menu.”

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