The Harvard Book Store Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

We were honored to be among the celebrants gathered on the corner of Mass Ave and Plympton Street to hear

Frank Kramer speak about his mother and father opening this store in Harvard Square and the history of this remarkable family business.

In addition to current Harvard Book Store Staff we spotted many former book store staffers, local retailers and restaurateurs, friends from Harvard University, friends from the neighborhood, students and graduates, local authors, City Councilor Brian Murphy, Mayor Reeves of Cambridge and State Representative Alice Wolf.

Speakers at the event included Cambridge City Councilor Brian Murphy, Mary H. Power, Senior Director of Community Relations at Harvard University and Carol Horne, General Manager of Harvard Book Store. Highlighting the event were remarks from Joan Kramer, who announced that the bookstore would establish a new scholarship program for a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School who is about to leave foster care, has lived in housing projects, or has recently been emancipated.

While the bookstore has planned extraordinary readings and events to celebrate the anniversary with the public, we truly appreciated having an opportunity to honor and celebrate Frank Kramer and his family, his parents, and his staff, all of whom have contributed so much to our community in the way that only a bookstore and the people who care so deeply for books and readers may.