Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge Announces New Executive Chef

Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge Announces New Executive Chef


Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge has announced the appointment of Jeffrey Salazar as Executive Chef. Chef Salazar is reimagining the menu to offer New American, seasonally inspired, and ingredient-driven cuisine in the restaurant’s contemporary and relaxed setting. The menu reflects his approachable and outgoing personality and pairs some of his favorite ingredients together with his Asian heritage.

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New dishes include:

Moosabec mussels with charred fennel, house made Longanisa sausage, roasted tomato broth, warm bread and rouille      

Smoked baby back ribs with roasted jalapeno cornbread and molasses BBQ sauce

Herb and citrus stuffed whole Branzino with garlic rabe and creamy polenta (for 2 to share)

Braised rabbit and cavatelli with herb truffle butter    

Pimento burger with double smashed patties, bacon and fig jam

Oxtail flatbread with caramelized onions, fontina cheese and fried Brussels sprouts

Pan seared tri-color cauliflower with nut-free dukkah, roasted red pepper, tahini and mint

Double crust apple pie with gingersnap molasses ice cream

Warm squidgy chocolate cake with espresso ice cream and wet walnuts

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Most recently, Chef Salazar served as the Executive Chef of B3 at the renowned Berklee College of Music showcasing a Southern-influenced menu. Originally from New Jersey, Chef Salazar graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts and is a specialist in sports nutrition from the International Sports Science Association. He began his culinary career under two mentors in Providence, RI, Chef Jules Ramos and Chef Ashirwad Elhence, with whom he developed his skills and expanded his repertoire. He moved to New York in 2013, working at a string of established restaurants including the Caribbean-inspired Cove Lounge in Harlem as Executive Chef as well as under Chef Bobby Flay at GATO Restaurant and Bar Americain.


Embracing his Filipino heritage, Chef Salazar was inspired from a young age by his hardworking mother who made delicious, home-cooked meals for her family of six every evening, as well as by the TV shows of Julia Child, Martin Yan, and Bobby Flay. Along with cooking, his other greatest passion in life is basketball. Whether on or off the court, he expects his teammates to give their all, to work with and for the team, to have the drive to keep pushing forward, and to keep learning new skills.


About Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge

Parsnip Restaurant & Lounge is located in heart of Harvard Square offering New American, seasonally inspired, and ingredient-driven cuisine in a contemporary and relaxed setting. Led by the new Executive Chef Jeffrey Salazar, the menu reflects his approachable and outgoing personality and pairs some of his favorite ingredients together with his Asian heritage. The restaurant is housed in an iconic building reinvigorated with modern aesthetics and views overlooking Winthrop Park.



91 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138



Tuesday to Thursday 5:30PM – 10PM

Friday & Saturday 5:30PM – 10:30PM

After February 25, Parsnip will be open Monday 5:30PM – 10PM



Executive Chef Jeffrey Salazar

General Manager Tamy Tiongson








Instagram: @parsnipdining

Facebook: Parsnip Restaurant