Moonbox Presents: SWEENEY TODD

October 13th-November 5th
Come and visit your good friend, Sweeney…

Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s landmark musical tells the tale of a resourceful pie shop owner and a vengeful barber out for blood. After he’s sent away by a corrupt judge, Sweeney returns to London years later seeking his long-lost family, and forms an unlikely partnership with Mrs. Lovett, who serves up pies underneath his former shop. Together, they wreak havoc on Fleet Street and serve up the hottest – and most unsettling – pies in London.

Sweeney Todd

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Moonbox Productions

Cambridge, MA

October 13 – November 5

The FIRST public performance at the new Arrow Street Arts, in Harvard Square!

Photo by @nilescottstudios