“Lovin the Square” Daily Pandemic Portrait Series by Mark Ostow

We are so excited to be working again this year with award-winning Cambridge photographer, Mark Ostow, who we have been partnering with since 2007. 

Mark has chronicled the pandemic every day since March 14, 2020, and continues through today. 

In Mark’s words…
“It has been over 320 days as I write this. This Pandemic has been challenging to all of us.  Some more than others, for sure.

Since March 14, 2020 I have gone out there every single afternoon with my camera searching for the loving gesture, the special light, the alienation and sadness, the quirky ways we have adapted, and the pure joy of being alive.  I edit and post my daily portraits to Instagram (@MarkOstow) by 1 a.m. every morning and get up several hours later and do it again.”

From the Bridge Gallery:
For the past 180 days, Mark Ostow has obsessively roamed New England searching for moments that go beyond simple pandemic documentation.  This show is a remarkable collection of people seeking and enjoying moments of normalcy in very difficult times, and a testament to the singlemindedness that has had Mark out every day since this unprecedented event began.

From the Globe review:


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