Dear HSBA Members, Neighbors and Friends 

Please see the e-mail below from the Chamber of Commerce regarding an important meeting of Ordinance Committee of the City Council tomorrow at 5:30. Property owners, business owners and residents will be impacted. 

BUEDO is a complicated and important issue. If you wish to know more about it prior to the meeting tomorrow, tune in to CCTV tonight as Robert Winters will be discussing it in detail on Cambridge InsideOut.  

The show is broadcast live on CCTV, Cable-TV Channel 9 and is also live-streamed at

Robert Winters makes the shows available on YouTube and they’re all accessible from … as well as through other means (like the CCJ and CCJ Forum).There are two shows tonight – one starting at 6:00pm and the other starting at 6:30pm after a short break.

Thank you and best regards,
Denise Jillson
Executive Director
Harvard Square Business Association
Dear Members, 

This is an important update on the City’s process to amend the existing Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance (BEUDO). The process is in a critical stage with an Ordinance Committee hearing taking place on Wednesday 6/22/22 at 5:30 PM. If you own a property that is 25K SF or more, or several properties that add up to 25K SF or more, you will be impacted by the proposed amendment. 

We highly recommend that you attend and speak at the hearing.

Sign up here to speak at the meeting here: 

Watch the meeting here: 

Please read and use the links below in advance in order to understand how the proposed amendments will financially impact you.

What is BEUDO
How to Calculate the Proposed BEUDO Amendment Penalty
BEUDO Calculator Tool