Honor Sue Kuelzer and support The Comedy Studio

a photo of Sue Kuelzer

Honor Sue Kuelzer and support  The Comedy Studio Twenty years ago, we lost Sue Kuelzer, my mom and founder of Grendel’s Den. I still miss her daily but have found over the years that the easiest way to feel her presence is through humor. Sue was a one of the world’s greatest aficionados of one-liners, puns, malapropisms, spoonerisms, groaners, dad-jokes, wordplay, witticisms, mondegreens, and Tom Swifties.  At one point in her life, she made a stab at performing stand-up comedy, but ultimately decided she was better as an audience member, being able to laugh at the same joke multiple times. She said that if anything was genuinely funny, she’d be having so much fun that she’d completely forget what she’d heard. 

In this spirit, Grendel’s wants everyone to have a chance to lose themselves in a good laugh. Please help support the Comedy Studio in its effort to open their new 160 seat venue in Harvard Square. 

From now until January 20th, Grendel’s is donating the proceeds of our Capricorn Season cocktail to the Comedy Studio fund. Sue was a Capricorn, and if you know one, you’ll know that behind the are of propriety, these goats love a zinger. The cocktail, of course, is a gin Martini – the superstar of drinking jokes. We make it as instructed by The Master, Noel Coward “…pour gin into a glass and wave it in the general direction of Italy”. You’ll also  find a collection of gin jokes on our menus this month.  And if you have a real good one, please come and share it!   I know for certain that Sue will be right beside me laughing, even if she’d heard that one before.

Warm wishes, Kari 
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