Harvard Square’s – “Fridge in the Square”

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Harvard Square Business Association (HSBA) and its members, Y2YTrinity Property Management and The Sinclair (a division of AEG Worldwide) in partnership with Cambridge Community Fridge, installed Harvard Square’s first ‘Fridge in the Square”.

According to Denise Jillson, executive director of the HSBA, the fridge hut with a pantry cupboard was designed and built by Cambridge resident George Pereira with assistance from Al Salvia and Matthew Pereira. It was originally transported to 52 Church Street by Trinity Property Management staff including John DiGiovanni, Danny Mehigan and Jose Piedra. 

The hut was re-assembled in place by George, the Trinity crew, and Sinclair staff including Josh Bhatti, Erick Jenson, Ben Gram and Jared Dobson.

Jillson stated, “We were so pleased when Cameron Van Fossen of Y2Y and Josh Bhatti from the Sinclair reached out to ask us to join their efforts to bring this project to life. With the help of George Pereira and his team, as well as enthusiastic support from John DiGiovanni, who not only provided for transporting and assembling but also allocated space for the installation, this project came to fruition. (The was moved to its current site in July of 2021.)

We are also grateful to Harvard Square residents Cat Turco and Philip Borden for their generous contribution to this campaign. Their thoughtfulness allowed us to fill the fridge immediately, with enough funds remaining to stock it several more times! This project was truly a team effort.”  Volunteer Evie Hartenstein explained, “‘Fridge in the Square’ is a mutual aid organization driven by the heightened levels of food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Massachusetts has seen unemployment rates as high as 17.4% and a 100% increase in demand from local food banks.”

To donate you may drop off food items directly at the fridge location at First Parish Church on the corner of Massachusetts Ave. and Church St. or send a check payable to the Harvard Square Business Association, Two Brattle Square, Mezzanine Cambridge, MA 02138. In the memo section please note for ‘Fridge in the Square’. The HSBA will stock the fridge and pantry. We will add your name to the list below unless you state otherwise.

Hartenstein further stated, “The fridge is operated by neighbors, for neighbors serving Harvard Square as part of a national network of community fridges. With the principle ‘take what you need, leave what you can’, we aim to redistribute resources within our community to those in need on a hyper-local scale. Our work is solidarity, not charity. All are welcome to contribute to and use the community fridge.”

In addition to Evie Hartenstein, volunteers from Cambridge Community Fridge include Sara Brande, Isabel Campbell-Gross and Hannah Milnes. Hartenstein said, “There are many other volunteers who have helped along the way as well. This really was a community-based project and it couldn’t have happened without us all working together.”

On behalf of all those who know not whom to thank, we are grateful to our friends, neighbors, businesses and organizations who generously donated to Fridge in the Square. We send sincerest thanks to:      

  • Cat Turco
  • Philip Borden
  • Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • DiGiovanni Family
  • Bhatti Family
  • Bill Manley
  • Erika Pereira
  • C. Barrett
  • D. Thompson
  • Laura Palumbo-Hanson
  • Steve McKenna – Home Advantage Team
  • Susan Blodgett Russell
  • Suzy Palitz
  • Julie Gibson
  • Denise Jillson
  • George Pereira
  • Amanda Henley
  • Jared Blount
  • Jessica Sculley
  • Bradeen Family
  • Blue Heron Renaissance Choir
  • Donna Davis
  • Gail Roberts
  • Anne & Michael Bane
  • Mitzi Pallotta
  • Mike Pallotta
  • Annie Kelly 
  • Tracy Wallace
  • Carolyn MacNeil 
  • Kristen McKenna
  • Bill Manley Sr.
  • Lillian Mowe
  • Anna Sutton Whitcomb