Harvard Square Winter Farmer’s Market Organizers Start a GoFundMe Campaign!

HSBA fledgling member, the Charles Square Winter Farmers Market has initiated a GoFundMe Campaign. 

As the winter market comes to the end of their second season, their future remains uncertain.  To date, they are unable to cover their overhead maintenance, transportation and storage costs related to the winter sheds. It is for this reason, they are reaching out to the community to ask for financial help.

The Charles Square Winter Market in Harvard Square, is an extension of  the summer market that has been generously hosted by the Charles Hotel for nearly 30 years. It is a farmer run market and one of the first year-round markets in the city. Longtime Massachusetts family farms and local food artisans comprise the vendors at both the winter and summer markets.

Though the summer market is in high demand, the winter market will take a little more time to achieve the same level of success.  Supporting local farmers year round is important, however, the winter market is especially important as it helps family run farms get through financial challenges of the long cold, winter season. 

They are hoping to raise enough to pay their debts already incurred and to have enough to bring the market back to Harvard Square next winter. Their goal is to make the Winter Market one that is a Community Supported Market. 
For full details, please click here.  https://www.gofundme.com/5bwxhko