Harvard Square Welcomes Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi

Come to Winthrop Street to meet Larry Thomas, the infamous “Soup Nazi” from the beloved Seinfeld series. Larry will be taking photos with fans and giving away free Seinfeld themed samples, like Black and White cookies, Junior Mints, muffin tops and more!

The Seinfeld Food Truck “No Soup For You” Tour was conceptualized by Sony Pictures as a promotional tour and will be visiting eight cities nationwide.

Larry Thomas was in two episodes of Seinfeld including #706 (The Soup Nazi), and the series finale. The SoupNazi was the only character in nine years of Seinfeld episodes that really “stole the show” from the four main characters: Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine. It was the only time that the four main characters became the sideshow to an ancillary character. The Soup Nazi instantly became one of the most recognized characters from all nine seasons, and his line “No Soup for You” has become an iconic phrase that still rings fresh to this day – worldwide!

The Seinfeld “No Soup For You” Truck features Seinfeld inspired foods like Junior Mints from “The Junior Mint” episode, Muffin Tops from “The Muffin Tops” episode, Black and White cookies from “The Dinner Party” episode, Twix from “The Dealership” episode and of course, “Soup of the Day” from “The Soup Nazi” episode.