Harvard Square Business Association member, Community Phone is offering Free phone service (free unlimited talk and text) for next decade to any of the 44,000 Verizon employees!

What is going on?

According to Forbes today, “Verizon confirmed that it offered a voluntary severance package (VSP) to about 44,000 employees and that it will transfer over 2,500 IT staff – some rumors suggest the figure to be closer to 5,000 employees – to India-based Infosys as part of a $700 million outsourcing deal.”

We, Community Phone Company, are the nation’s friendliest cell phone company because we offer our customers a single point of contact when they sign up. This point of contact is there for them for questions about the bill, interest in new devices, or general questions about the Internet.

We believe that the best possible support comes from people most familiar with your community, and so we were saddened upon learning that Verizon decided to move thousands of American jobs, many of which occupied by the same individuals for over 30 years, to India.

We’d like to offer any former Verizon employee let go in connection with the offshoring of American jobs an unlimited talk and text plan on our Sprint network for the next decade. Totally on the house for the whole decade.

I am one of the 44,000 laid off. How do I sign up?

Please email help@communityphone.org and mention this offer. You will be asked to show proof of former employment.

Fine print

This offer doesn’t include data. Data can be purchased for $1 + tax for every 100mb.

Assuming we remain solvent of course, this offer describes the free service interval from October 5th, 2018 to October 5th, 2028. On October 5th, 2028 those who choose to continue the plan will pay $10 per month plus taxes/fees/data costs.

This offer will be available to redeem until the end of October 2018.

Limit one per household.