Harvard Square Business Association Hosts Vietnam Vets

Recently, our good friend and former City of Cambridge Head Librarian, Susan Flannery, shared that her brother Jack, a Vietnam veteran and his shipmates from the USS Knox DE/FF 1052 were in Boston to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the commissioning of the USS Knox and would be visiting Harvard Square. 

On Saturday, September 28th, 2019, the Harvard Square Business Association proudly and humbly hosted a luncheon for Jack and his crew who served on the Naval Destroyer, USS Knox.  The veterans, who were celebrating this special occasion, hailed from across the country.  It was so lovely to witness their admiration and respect for “Skipper” Captain William Hayes, pictured in the center with the green shirt.The luncheon of assorted artisan sandwiches, fresh Greek salad, Caesar’s Salad, and pickles, as well as hot coffee, assorted teas, bottled water and a delicious carrot cake for dessert was provided by Capital One Café.

We also thank John DiGiovanni, President of Trinity Property Management for providing the beautiful venue and Erin Murphy from his staff who made sure everything was in perfect order.        

In addition, items for a fun goody bag were supplied by HSBA members, including:

  •  Bob Slate Stationer
  • Capital One
  • Charles Hotel
  • Charles Square Garage
  • Eastern Bank
  • First Republic Bank
  • Harvard Coop
  • Irving House
  • Trinity Property Management

And while we celebrated the Navy,  we are so pleased that the Army was also represented!  The vets were delighted to meet Laura Weimer a Doctoral Student of Management at Harvard Business School.  Major Weimer is a graduate of West Point and is active military.  She heard about the event and contacted us.  We invited her to come for lunch to enjoy fellowship and military camaraderie.  Laura teased that “While I wasn’t invited, you didn’t ask me to leave.” She took her picture with the entire crew and had a nice chat with Captain Hayes. 
We extend our sincerest thanks to all our members who donated to the goody bag and, in particular, to Capital One Cafe for their generosity.  
It was an honor and my distinct pleasure to coordinate this event and to thank these brave Americans for their service to our country.
Most sincerely,
Denise Jillson