Harvard Square Acupuncture & Massage

Harvard Square Acupuncture & Massage
12 Arrow Street Suite 103
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 349-3600
Massage & Body Work
Harvard Square Acupuncture and Massage is a holistic
health care collaborative offering Chinese Acupuncture, 
Chinese Herbalism, Japanese Acupuncture, Neurofascial 
Therapy, Muscular Therapy, and a variety of Therapeutic 
Massage styles. We provide a comforting, spacious 
atmosphere that promotes the health and wellness of our 
Our therapists are dedicated to providing impeccable quality 
service to our clients at all times.  Six therapists form 
partnerships that give our clients and staff support on our 
journey to optimal health and wellness through treatment, 
discovery, awareness, and enhancement.  
Our Staff: Latoya, Bill, Valerie, Tricia, Nathan, and Athena 
are available 7 days a week by appointment.  To set up an 
appointment, please call:  (617) 349-3600 or
contact your therapist directly.