Harvard Eats:   The Stories Behind Harvard Square Restaurants

Get the “dish” on three of beloved Harvard Square restaurants from the owners themselves!

Harry Moore, Chris D’Ambrosio and David Paquette are Harvard undergraduates seeking to learn and share the stories behind some of the most iconic restaurants that make Harvard Square what it is today, in hopes that listening to the conversations with students, founders, owners and chefs will enhance your dining experience and appreciation for the Square as a whole.

Harvard Eats is hosted by Harry Moore and Chris D’Ambrosio and is produced by David Paquette.

Which Harvard Square restaurant was a part of a Supreme Court Case?  Which restaurant opened just as the pandemic closed everything down?  What restauranteur was a contestant on the cooking show “Chopped”?  Find out on the Harvard Eats podcast, featuring Steve Welch (Oggi Gourmet), Kari, Kuelzer (Grendel’s Den) and Daniel Roughan (SOURCE Restaurants).