Go Green Walk/Ride Days Breakfast

“Go Green Walk/Ride Days Breakfast”
Date – January 30th 2009
Time – from 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Location – Indoor and Outdoor at Holyoke Center and Forbes Plaza, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue.
Free Event! Wear Green and Go Green and enjoy a hot free breakfast in Harvard Square!

Walk/Ride days are the last Friday of the month where people Wear Green (any green article of clothing) and Go Green (walk, ride your bike, take public transportation or ride share to Harvard Square) and receive rewards from the local businesses. This Friday Wear Green and Go Green and enjoy a SPECIAL FREE COMMUNITY OUTDOOR BREAKFAST CELEBRATION in Harvard Square.

Generous donations of breakfast items include hot chocolate, hot oatmeal, breakfast burritos, and fresh baked pastries and preserves from local Harvard Square Restaurants; Boloco, Dunkin Donuts, Finale Desserterie and Bakery, JP Licks, Henrietta’s Table, Au Bon Pain and Crema Café.

There will be special raffles and gifts for Walk/Ride Day participants, courtesy of the Harvard Square Business Association, MassBike, Green Streets, The Sustainability Office of Harvard Real Estate and others. Artist George Lynde is also preparing a special game about the Bike Racks of Cambridge.

Go Green Walk/Ride Days Breakfast in Harvard Square is a Celebration of the Green Streets Initiative “Walk/Ride Days” program. This event is co-sponsored by the Harvard Square Business Association and is part of the Harvard Square Winter Green Carnival 2009 from January 15th – February 1st.

What is The Green Streets Initiative?
The Green Streets Initiative is a grassroots organization of people from Cambridge, Massachusetts and surrounding cities, who celebrate, promote, and advocate for the use of alternative transportation.

Through educational efforts, and the opportunity to experience and practice alternative transportation, the Green Streets Initiative helps individual citizens, children, and families, discover how alternative modes of transportation can enhance their lives by creating safe, healthy, friendly communities for all.

What are Walk/Ride Days?
The Green Streets Initiative is best known for the creation of monthly Walk/Ride Days. Walk/Ride Days occur on the last Friday of every month. On these days people everywhere are invited to go, and wear green!

Walk/Ride Days are a monthly city-wide party, which celebrates alternative transportation, gives people an opportunity to make community connections, and promotes a festive local atmosphere.

Who is Involved?
Anyone and Everyone! Walk/Ride Days draw from many sectors of participating communities; from schools and universities, to businesses and retailers. We began in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and quickly spread into Somerville, and Medford.

Rewards and Sponsorships:
One popular feature of Walk/Ride Days program is the participation of local businesses in the celebrations! That is, on Walk/Ride Day, people who wear and go green are eligible to partake in a host of rewards. These rewards include everything from discounts at local retailers, to the chance to win prizes in our on-line raffle. All of the businesses who participate in Green Streets are called Sponsors.

What Next?
Our approach to involving such a large number of people in one movement, is to ask individual citizens to bring Green Streets into their workplaces, community organizations, and schools. This model asks diverse groups of people to take action into their own hands through a community-oriented approach. And we need you to be involved! Please participate in Walk/Ride Days by wearing and going green on the last Friday of every month!

Rewards in HARVARD SQUARE for Going and Wearing Green on Walk/Ride Day:

Abodeon (1731 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138Phone: (617)497-0137): 10% off any of our eco-friendly products! http://www.abodeon.com/

Darwins Ltd. (148 Mount Auburn Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02138 Phone: (617)354-5233 and 1629 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 Phone: (617)491-2999): 10% off on all purchases for those who cycle that day, and can prove it! http://www.darwinsltd.com/

Eastern Mountain Sports (Harvard Square, 1 Brattle Square, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138 Phone: (617)864-2061 ): 15% off on all purchases! http://www.ems.com/ (plus, a little known secret… at EMS you can go in ANY day, say that you participated on the previous Walk/Ride Day, and get 15% off).

Grendel’s Den Restaurant and Bar (89 Winthrop Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02139 Phone: (617) 491-1160): Freebie: Espresso or Cappucino with $3 min. purchase on Walk/Ride Days from 11:30 am – 6:00 PM. Discount: $1 off lunch per person (excluding express lunch items). http://www.grendelsden.com/

Herrell’s Ice Cream (15 Dunster Street, Harvard Square 02138, (617) 497-2179): Free hot fudge topping on your ice cream!