Gluten Free in Harvard Square!

Recently there has been a greater awareness of those who suffer from Celiac Disease and other Gluten Intolerant symptoms and our local restaurant community has responded.  We are pleased to provide the following sampling of the restaurants in the Square that cater to a Gluten-free lifestyle without sacrificing on quality or variety.

Border Café: Gluten free options available per request, ask for a manager

Cardullo’s: Gourmet gluten free crackers, chocolate & are expanding their gluten free offerings

Clover: Gluten free options at every meal including soups, platters breakfast options

Crema Café: Gluten free salads and soups

Dado Tea: Gluten free options – menu

Felipe’s Taqueria: Most wraps and dishes can be made with gluten free corn tortillas

Flat Patties: Ask about the new shipment of gluten free bread

Grendel’s Den: Signifies gluten free menu items on their menu

Legal Seafoods: Gluten free menu available for all meals

Lizzy’s Ice Cream: Many gluten free ice cream, yogurt and sherbert treats available

Savenor’s: Many gluten free items for sale, including bacon and cookies

The Maharaja: All items on the menu are gluten free (excluding the bread)

the red house: Many menu items can be prepared gluten free per patron request