On December 2nd 2007, the Harvard Square Business Association initiated the installation of three holiday trees in Winthrop Park.

A trio of trees – bearing gifts of Helmets, Hearts and Hope.

The three little trees, purchased from our local Cambridge Boy Scout Troop, were lit during our tree lighting and Sparklefest kickoff event on December 2nd. The Harvard Square Business Association purchased over 50 gifts which were placed in weatherproof bags and tied with big red bows – the gifts included hats, scarves, gloves, and socks.

The children who came to the event on December 2nd helped Santa put the gift bags on the tree (like ornaments) for anyone to take if they needed a new pair of gloves etc..the gifts were almost entirely gone from the trees the following week.

On Saturday, December 22nd, at the HSBA Solstice Event in Winthrop Park we will add a new gift to the trees.HELL Helmets.H.E.L.L. stands for Help Everyone Live Longer – a group that organized around the tragic bicycle related deaths of two young people (one of whom worked at the Hempest in Harvard Square). The group provides free, funky, helmets to bicyclists in the hope that they will wear them and live longer.

The HSBA will purchase H.E.L.L. helmets from Kerry Simon at Proletariat (36 JFK) and decorate the tree with attractively designed laminated coupons that can be redeemed at Proletariat for a free HELLmet.

Below is a copy of the note we most recently placed on the tree.

December 2007
Dear Harvard Square Friends, Neighbors & Visitors:

On behalf of the Harvard Square Business Association Board of Directors, Members, and Staff, please accept our sincerest wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season.

This past Sunday, we were scheduled to celebrate the Boston Tea Party with an event called Tea & Taxes; in a manner befitting the left bank.

We cancelled our event because of the bad weather, but still have our little gifts, which consist of a Tea Mug made from recycled materials, tea bags, candy canes and other trinkets.

We are placing these gifts on our “Giving Tree.” Please take one and enjoy a cup of tea…in celebration of sparkling lights, of winter solstice, of Hanukah, of Christmas, of Kwanza, of Muharram and peace and joy and people everywhere.

Happy Holidays,

The Harvard Square Business Association