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The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure: A Positive Approach to Pushing Your Child to Be Their Best Self

April 20, 2022 @ 5:30 pm


Harvard Cooperative Society (The Coop)
1400 Mass Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138 United States


Harvard Cooperative Society (The Coop)

April  Local Author Series

Join renowned psychologists Chris Thurber, Ph.D. and Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D. in a discussion and Q & A about parenting and pressure.

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The Harvard / MIT Coop happily announces our April IN-STORE Event Series.

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The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure: A Positive Approach to Pushing Your Child to Be Their Best Self

by Christopher Thurber, PhD Hendrie Weisinger, PhD

The Right Kind of Parental Pressure Puts Kids on a Path to Success. The Wrong Kind Can Be Disastrous. Level up your parenting with this positive approach to pushing your child to be their best self.

A survey of 421 students at Penn State showed that nearly a fifth had contemplated suicide; some of those students said that the primary reason was pressure from parents to get good grades. Would reducing parental pressure on students improve the situation? Not so fast, say psychologists Thurber and Weisinger, who in this book assert that the right type of pressure can be strongly linked not only to excellent performance but also to thriving mental health. The authors discuss the qualities of a “support-style parent” who sparks a child’s natural interest and motivation by expecting their personal best. Thurber and Weisinger advocate that parents take a proactive approach that includes reflecting on their own expectations and parenting style; coping with their own stress away from their child; teaching self-soothing and stress management techniques; and using tender emotional expression to comfort their child. With this book’s specific information for non-white families and gender-diverse children and parents, and its consideration of an audience representing diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, it’s sure to be a helpful resource.

Chris Thurber, Ph.D. is a board-certified clinical psychologist, educator, author, and father. He earned his BA from Harvard University in 1991 and a PhD in clinical psychology from UCLA in 1997.

Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D., is a world-renowned psychologist and pioneer in the field of pressure management, as well as the author of a number of bestselling books.

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