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The Cast of America’s Test Kitchen at the Brattle Theatre presenting “The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001–2024” and “Kitchen Gear: The Ultimate Owner’s Manual” and “Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share”

December 7, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

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December 7, 2023
6:00 pm
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Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 United States


Harvard Book Store
(617) 661-1515

Harvard Book Store welcomes the cast of America’s Test Kitchen for the return of our annual ATK event at the Brattle Theatre. JACK BISHOP, LISA MCMANUS, and ELLE SIMONE SCOTT will present ATK’s latest cookbooks, including the evening’s featured titles, The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001–2024Kitchen Gear: The Ultimate Owner’s Manual, and Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share.


Each ticket grants admission for one. Books will be available for purchase, and the event will conclude with a signing line.

About The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook

The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001–2024

The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook is a living archive of every recipe that has been on every episode of public television’s top-rated coooking show, including the new season that debuts in January 2024. It now includes recipes from episodes created for streaming platforms as well. It also includes the top-rated equipment and ingredient recommendations from every new testing and tasting review.

Cook along with Bridget and Julia and the test kitchen chefs as the new episodes of the 2024 season air. Every recipe that has appeared on TV or OTT is in this cookbook along with the test kitchen’s indispensable notes and tips. A comprehensive shopping guide shows readers what products the ATK reviews team recommends and it alone is worth the price of the book.

About Kitchen Gear

Kitchen Gear: The Ultimate Owner’s Manual

Ever wondered why your knives dull so quickly? Whether it’s safe to stand next to a running microwave? If compostable dinnerware is really better for the environment?

With its combination of straight-talking, science-backed advice from professional equipment reviewers Lisa McManus and Hannah Crowley, practical how-to guides, engrossing trivia, and beautiful full-color photography, Kitchen Gear is an indispensable source of collected wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Hannah and Lisa’s unfiltered takes on which pieces are (and aren’t) worth it: Spring for the high-end blender; rethink that knife block. And did you know you can make pour-over coffee with a dollar-store funnel?
  • Improve your cooking with 100+ recipes that teach you what your gear is capable of: Use your sheet pan to make the easiest-ever layer cake. Make crispy fried garnishes in your microwave. Plus, use common tools in creative ways—fully-loaded nachos on the grill, anyone?
  • Answers to all the hows, whys, and “wait, what?”s of your equipment: The question-and-answer format covers everything from frequently asked questions to real head-scratchers.
  • Keep your tools in top condition: Season your pans the right way, de-stinkify silicone ice trays, and finally get that gunk off your toaster oven.
  • Peek behind the scenes: Read all about the zany lengths Lisa, Hannah, and their team will go to for answers—from sawing coolers in half to programming knife-wielding robots.
  • Stock your kitchen with the best of the best: A buying guide points you to the top performers from America’s Test Kitchen’s rigorous reviews.
About Gatherings

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share

It’s time to get excited about entertaining again. The cooks of America’s Test Kitchen are shaking up the notion of what a dinner party is all about, stepping away from the test kitchen to reveal their favorite ways to entertain friends and family and sharing an all-new collection of personal recipes. After all, professional cooks want to chill out when hosting at home, just like everyone else.

  • Be Casual (but Fancy): Grill expert Morgan Bolling transforms a grill-smoked pork butt into the star of a giant nacho spread. Avid gardener Jack Bishop showcases late-summer produce in a whole new light for a simple pasta and salad dinner. Matthew Fairman urges everyone to dig in with their hands to his Viet-Cajun shrimp boil.
  • Get Playful: Stephanie Pixley’s dumpling dinner easily morphs into a make-your-own-dumpling party. Amanda Luchtel’s vegan-optional hot dog spread features smoked carrot dogs and loads of festive toppings. Mark Huxoll’s hearty Oktoberfest is a blast any time of year.
  • Go All Out: Joe Gitter pays homage to his heritage with a proper British picnic. Leah Colins does the same with her South Philly Nonna’s Sunday porchetta abbondanza. Steve Dunn has a swooningly romantic dinner that starts with cocktails and smoked salmon kettle chip “blini” and ends with a make-ahead Napoleon that looks right out of a pastry shop.
  • Up Your Game: Cooks share all their pro tips, too, including game plans to achieve each menu and advice on shopping, make ahead, setup, and serving—all the logistical info for a fun, hitch-free gathering.
  • Mazimize Quality Fun Time: Discover the cooks’ favorite store-bought hacks for pulling together pre-dinner nibbles (and desserts), for planning drink selection and quantities, and for responding creatively when asked, “What can I bring?”