CrossFit Boston comes to Harvard Square

CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness program in the world and it stresses constantly changing, functional movements, performed with intensity. CrossFit focuses on General Physical Preparedness or being good at everything and not specializing. It is NOT a sport specific program, though all the athletes that train at CrossFit Boston do improve in their respective sport. Not an athlete? That’s cool too! Most members just want to be more fit, lose weight, and feel better.

If you have been curious about CrossFit, or even if you have never heard of CrossFit but want to be more fit, come down to Palmer Street beginning at 10:30AM this Saturday, January 14th. Attendees will have opportunities to win a 4 Month Silver Membership – valued at $950.

Schedule of Events:

10:30 – What is CrossFit?
10:45 – Teaching of Movements
11:00 – Short WOD by participants
11:10 – Demo WOD by staff/members
11: 25- Q&A

11:30 – What is CrossFit?
11:45 – Teaching of Movements
12:00 – Short WOD by participants
12:10 – Demo WOD by staff/members
12: 25- Q&A

12:30 – What is CrossFit?
12:45 – Teaching of Movements
1:00 – Short WOD by participants
1:10 – Demo WOD by staff/members
1: 25- Q&A