Congratulations Crazy Dough’s Pizza!

Last week Doug Ferriman of Boston’s Crazy Dough’s Pizza entered the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas with 120 other competitors. Ferriman created The Fire Grilled BeanTown Pot Roast pizza, Crazy Dough’s advanced to the final round of 16, which included top of pizza makers from around the world — the Canadian Champion, the Australian Champion, three Italian Masters and several top Independents from around the US.

With a packed audience rooting for the only American, cheering “Win it for America,” Ferriman created a Shrimp BLT pizza which incorporated sautéed shrimp, smoked bacon, roasted red pepper, a hint of ranch dressing and garnished with lettuce and diced tomato.

After an agonizing 20 minute debate from the Judges, Crazy Dough’s came in a respectable 2nd place behind one of the Italian Masters. Not bad for a guy from Boston who got into the business not even knowing how to make dough let alone a pizza!

The two winning pies will be offered by the slice all month at all Crazy Dough’s locations. The Harvard Square shop is located in The Garage, 36 JFK Street, Cambridge.