Community News – Important Survey, please take a moment to participate.

Our local newspaper, The Cambridge Chronicle, was founded in May of 1846 and is the oldest weekly newspaper in the United States. Sadly it no longer reports on important issues (politics, business trends, sports, school or community news) affecting Cambridge businesses and residents. 

There have been many discussions over the past few years lamenting this loss and what should/can be done about it. Rather than just expressing disappointment, a group of folks are working together to remedy the situation.                           

As part of their outreach/education efforts, they have asked us to distribute a survey capturing what the level of interest there is in community news, including what topics you would like to read about, your willingness to pay and so on.

As we all know, community newspapers, be they online or on paper, are essential to a democratic society. 

The survey is here. Please take a few minutes to participate. Your voice may help save a nearly 200-year-old proud Cambridge tradition.   

Thank you,

Denise Jillson

Executive Director

Harvard Square Business Association

Caring for the Square Since 1910…