Chalk it Up With Sidewalk Sam

For over 40 years, as “Sidewalk Sam,” I have spent a lot of time out in busy, public spaces. I love the bustle and interaction with crowds of pedestrians. I have always felt that the public space was the true definer of a democracy – the place where people are equal. Well-designed public spaces encourage communication, cultural diversity, positive dialog and just simple enjoyment. That’s what Harvard Square is all about – It’s one of the truly great public spaces in the world!

I’m doing something fun on June 19th in Harvard Square at Deguglielmo Plaza on Brattle Street. From 11am to 2pm, I’ll be doing art with architects and designers from a dozen architectural firms in Cambridge. It’s because of an exciting collaboration with the annual Boston Society of Architects’ CommonBoston public educational programs. For one day each year, we invite architects and people in design and construction firms to leave their offices, drawing boards and computers and come out to celebrate their creativity in public. The artworks are beautiful and the crowds stop to watch and applaud. Pedestrians can vote on their favorites, by placing a gold sticker on the ones they like.

So come out on June 19th. Join me on the sidewalk and see some great artworks. Say hello to all the architects and celebrate the artist in each of us!