Cambridge, MA June 1, 2022 ­– Stephen Zedros, longtime manager at Brattle Square Florist, is pleased to announce the opening of Brattle Square Florist at its new location of 52 Brattle Street at Harvard Square. Steps away from its former location, the new 1,200 square-foot store is a light refresh of its former home, having brought much of the traditional aspects of the shop into the new space. Visitors will immediately recognize the iconic brick façade, various hanging plants, and hundreds of floral varieties available daily which Brattle Square Florist is known for. Images are attached, credit: Brattle Square Florist.  In 1917, the Gomatos brothers, grandparents of Zedros, opened Gomatos Brothers Fresh Produce. Its thriving floral business led them to create Brattle Square Florist.  As a boy, Zedros assisted his mother and uncle at the shop, and fell in love with the business, staying on working at the shop for the next few decades. Throughout the years, the family were beloved members of the Harvard Square community—assisting local families, thriving businesses, and passers-by from all walks of life with orders and being part of multi-generational celebrations. Earlier this year, Zedros announced the continuation of the shop, to the delight of customers near and far, continuing his family’s legacy.   “I am thankful for the many wonderful memories at our former location. This has been an exciting year and I am thrilled to open our doors at 52 Brattle Street. Brattle Square Florist has been operating in Harvard Square for over 100 years and my dedicated team and I are planning to lay the foundation for the next 100 years,” said Zedros.