A request from Mayor, Marc McGovern….Help immigrants threatened by ICE action!

Help immigrants threatened by ICE action!
Harsh federal action and anti-immigrant rhetoric means anxiety and hardship for our immigrant families, friends and neighbors. In response, Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern and the Cambridge Community Foundation have established the Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants. 
Funds will help immigrants at risk of being deported who are not able to afford a lawyer. Currently, only 37% of all immigrants and 14% of detained immigrants go to court accompanied with a lawyer.
The need is urgent and time is running out! 
Funds raised by May 15, 2018, will enable legal-aid nonprofits to:
– Support young adults previously protected by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) who are now at risk of deportation;
– Prioritize cases involving asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors/juveniles, and other highly vulnerable persons including victims of trafficking, sexual, and/or domestic violence;
– Provide family legal services to ensure protection for children left behind.
Make your tax-deductible gift now! Or send a check to 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge MA 02139. Please make checks payable to Cambridge Community Foundation for Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants.
Click here to donate: Cambridge Legal Defense Fund