5th Annual Winter Warmth Drive 2018

Dear friends 


When people think about Cambridge they tend to think about Harvard, MIT, and innovation. What they don’t think about is that on any given night over 500 people our homeless on Cambridge streets. Many of those who are homeless are veterans, are escaping domestic violence, are LGBTQ youth, and many struggle with mental illness. Whatever their story, they are part of our community and they will soon be facing bitter cold nights and fighting for survival.

Five years ago, while serving food at First Parish-Unitarian Universalist in Harvard Square, I met a young homeless woman. During our conversation about housing, job training and mental health services, she turned to me and said “Those are all important, but I just need some blankets tonight.”

It was at that time that the Winter Warmth Drive was born. Thanks to the help of the Harvard Square Business Association, Central Square Business Association, East Cambridge Business Association, the Kendall Association and the help of Cambridge residents and others from around the world, the Winter Warmth Drive has raised over $60,000 over the past 4 years. We have purchased close to a thousand wool blankets and 500 sleeping bags over that time.

This year I’m excited to announce that this effort has grown so much that it is no longer an effort I can handle on my own. That is why the Winter Warmth Drive has “come home” to First Parish who will now be partnering with me to oversee the 5th Annual Winter Warmth Drive.

Please join us in this effort to raise $20,000 by December 14, 2018 by making a tax deductible donation here

Together we can do our part to keep Cambridge’s homeless warm during this coming winter. Make a donation today!

Marc McGovern

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