4th Annual Winter Warmth Drive

Dear Friends,

Cambridge is a city of great prosperity, yet each night close to 500 people try to survive on our streets and in our shelters. Four years ago, in December, while serving food at a meals program, I met a young homeless woman. I began talking about housing, health care and job training as ways to address homelessness. She turned to me and said, “All I really want right now are some blankets.” Blankets. She just wanted to survive another cold New England night. Her comment led me to launch the first Winter Warmth Drive where we raised $10,000 to buy wool blankets that we distributed to Cambridge’s homeless population.

Today we are launching the 4th Annual Winter Warmth Drive with a goal of raising $15,000 to purchase sleeping bags to help our homeless community members stay warm this winter. We need your help to reach our goal!

We know that sleeping bags won’t solve our homelessness crisis. But we also know, because many have told us, it just may save a life. Please make a donation today. The sooner we reach our goal the sooner we can get the sleeping bags to the people who need them. 

I would like to thank the Denise Jillson from the Harvard Square Business Association and Michael Monestime from the Central Square Business Association for their co-sponsoring of this effort. Other co-sponsors will be announced soon. Please share this post with others so that we can broaden our message. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Please click on this link: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/4th-annual-winter-warmth-drive/x/17730673

Thank you so much.

Vice Mayor, Marc McGovern

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