3rd Annual Harvard Square Poetry Stroll

December 10th – January 1st

Illustration by Grace Coffey (NPS)

Longfellow House – Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site, in partnership with the Harvard Square Business Association and Mass Poetry, are delighted to announce the 3rd Annual Harvard Square Poetry Stroll. On view from December 10th until January 1st, this year’s self-guided outdoor stroll highlights local poets with a focus on finding hope in trying times. 18 poems are displayed in store fronts and public spaces in the Square.

Get inspired!

One of the poems, written by 15 year old Cambridge Rindge and Latin sophomore Justice Brooks, “Cataclysm of Snowfall” closes with the reflection “you, and I are one.” Think of a time when you felt deeply connected to something, someone, or some idea. Then, write a poem or create a piece of art reflecting on that connection or create something in reaction to any of the eighteen featured poems! If you’re feeling bold, email it to wmanley@harvardsquare.com or share it on social media using #HSQPoetry2022. We might share it in a gallery on this page!

To read all of the poems on this stroll, please visit: Harvard Square Poetry Stroll

Democracy Center

45 Mount Auburn Street

“the US is on the brink of war and I’ve just taken a chem test” by Ezana Demissie

Christ Church

0 Garden St       

“Before the Ashes” by Christina Pierre Louis

First Church       

11 Garden St     

“Offering” by Jean Dany Joachim

Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site    

105 Brattle Street           

“DECEMBER (Poet’s Calendar)” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Penelope Vassall House (private residence)       

94 Brattle Street              

“Summer 2021 Cicadas” by Ellen Steinbaum

Brattle Plaza     

27-31 Brattle Street       

“Cataclysm of Snowfall” by Justice Brooks

Grolier Poetry Shop       

6 Plympton Street

“Permabeauty in the Boston Athenaeum” by Andie Sheridan

Cambridge Center for Adult Education

42 Brattle Street

“Pseudo-haiku for Immigrant Haters” by Eddy Toussaint Tontongi

Otto Pizza

1432 Massachusetts Avenue                     

“The Sky’s Reflection” by Amy Manion

Harvard Coop   

1400 Massachusetts Avenue

“sipestisyon” by Mckendy Fils-Aimé

Felix Shoe Repair

1304 Massachusetts Avenue

“The Idea of Eleanor” by William Tilleczek

First Parish        

3 Church Street

“Love is a Battlefield, Literally, Because the Planet is on Fire” by Margot Douaihy

American Repertory Theater     

64 Brattle Street

“Oh, my brown boy” by Sunayana Kachroo

Coyneworks Art Gallery Pop Up

34 JFK Street

“notes on: acts of service” by Anthony Febo

Cambridge Trust              

1336 Massachusetts Avenue

“Hope” by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

24/7 Gallery     

Intersection of Mt. Auburn and Holyoke Streets

“Only” by Danielle Legros Georges

The Smoke Shop BBQ    

8 Holyoke Street             

“Haloed” by Marjorie Thomsen

Cambridge Center for Adult Education – Blacksmith’s House      

56 Brattle Street

“Necessity” by Roselyn Kubek