11th Hour Calling

Ocean River Institute
11th Hour Calling
Ring Bells, Make Music and Stand Upfor Climate Justice!
Friday, February 11th, 6pm 

Ocean River Conservancy, long-time member of the Harvard Square Business Association, is bringing awareness to climate change legislation. On Friday, February 11th at 6pm, please join them as they ring church bells at the First Parish Church and make music on the steps of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church while encouraging our elected officials in Massachusetts to pass the 100% Clean Energy Act. 

Strike the bell! Sound the alarm! Join others who care about the climate emergency, environmental justice, and municipal/state planning. BABAM, the Boston Area Battalion Activist Musicians, will be performing on the steps of the OCBC and we encourage you to bring your own instruments and play along! 

The recent “code red” report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an alarm call for us all. We’ll ring, clang, drum, and trumpet for eleven minutes on the eleventh day of each month as a symbol of warning. 

Now is the eleventh hour for action. It is also a time of hope and opportunity to tread more gently, emit less greenhouse gasses, drawdown and store more greenhouse gasses, restore our water cycles, and care more for those already adversely affected by climate change, especially in the economically poorest neighborhoods. 

The Clean Energy Act will require the governor to allocate 50% of climate spending directly to environmental justice communities; undertake restructuring to reform utilities and modernize the grid; and will maximize the economic benefits of increased funding of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council. 

For more information, to stand and be heard, and to spread the word, please contact Rob Moir at rob@oceanriver.org