Week of Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 02, 7:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes magazine editor MARGARET GUROFF for a discussion of her book The Mechanical Horse: How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life.
May 02, 7:00pm
20th Anniversary Screening Documentary Dir Maryann DeLeo & Richard Farrell 20th anniversary screening of the seminal documentary about 18 months in the lives of three crack addicts in Lowell, Massachusetts.
May 02, 8:00pm
In a remarkably short period of time, Yuna has risen from regional D.I.Y. notoriety to full-on international stardom. In the process, the charismatic young singer-songwriter from Malaysia—who makes her Verve Records debut with Nocturnal—has become the first artist from her homeland to conquer the American market. The ease with which Yuna has transitioned to border defying mainstream success shouldn't be surprising,
May 02, 8:00pm
Quebecois duo of Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme combine with Newfoundland and New England solo balladeer, Keith Murphy for a double bill of traditional songs in French and English as well as highly crafted traditional dance music.
May 03, 6:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes the curator of the internationally famous TED Talks CHRIS ANDERSON for a discussion of his book TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking—an insider’s guide to creating talks that are unforgettable.
May 03, 6:00pm
Lecture, Panel Discussion, and Book Signing Miki Kratsman, Photojournalist, Artist, Activist; Head of Photography, Basis School of Art; Contributor to Haaretz; and 2011 Robert Gardner Fellow in Photography, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology
May 03, 6:00pm
About TED Talks TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, by Chris AndersonSince taking over TED in the early 2000s, Chris Anderson has shown how carefully crafted short talks can be the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, spreading knowledge, and promoting a shared dream. Done right, a talk can electrify a room and transform an audience’s worldview. Done right, a talk is more powerful than anything in written form.
May 03, 7:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes back bestselling author RICK RIORDAN—dubbed "Storyteller of the Gods" by Publishers Weekly—for his return to both Greek mythology and the world of Camp Half-Blood! Join us in Boston on publication date for a presentation of the first book in a new series, The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle. This event will be the only Rick Riordan event in the country for The Hidden Oracle!
May 03, 8:00pm
Master Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser is a consummate performer. His dynamic fiddling, engaging stage presence, and deep understanding of Scotland's music have created a constant and international demand for his solo appearances and concerts with a variety of ensembles.
May 03, 9:00pm
Since the release of their last album, ‘Love Kraft’ in 2005, SFA have been far from taking a break. Projects keeping them busy include: an change of record label, working on individual projects (Candylion / Acid Casuals / Y Peth / Neon Neon / Trojan compilation) embarking on some orchestral work with renowned British composer Charles Hazelwood (as part of their work on producing two albums simultaneously – watch this space!) and writing and recording ‘Hey Venus!’ as well as album #9 (recording is imminent).
May 04, 6:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes 2013 MacArthur Fellow ANGELA DUCKWORTH and Harvard Business School professor AMY CUDDY, author of Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, for a discussion of Duckworth's book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.
May 04, 6:00pm
About Grit In this must-read book for anyone striving to succeed, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth shows parents, educators, athletes, students, and business people—both seasoned and new—that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a focused persistence called “grit.”
May 04, 7:00pm
Harvard Book Store and GrubStreet welcome award-winning author SHAWN VESTAL for a reading from his debut novel, Daredevils—the story of Loretta, a teenager married off as a “sister wife,” who makes a break for freedom.
May 04, 8:00pm
Master Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser is a consummate performer. His dynamic fiddling, engaging stage presence, and deep understanding of Scotland's music have created a constant and international demand for his solo appearances and concerts with a variety of ensembles.
May 04, 8:30pm
John Williams Scores! May the Force Be With You! (2015) dir J.J. Abrams w/Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Lupita Nyong’o, Domnhall Gleeson, Andy Serkis [135 min; DCP]
May 04, 9:00pm
Ought’s 2014 debut More Than Any Other Day brought the Montreal quartet sudden and universal critical acclaim – including high praise from Drowned in Sound, Exclaim, Rolling Stone, NME, and a Best New Music nod from Pitchfork.
May 05, 12:00pm - 2:45pm
Clint Eastwood Oscar-winning film, “Bird,” closes the Cooper Gallery’s “Art of Jazz Cinema Series.” Bird portrays the soaring skill and destructive excesses of jazz saxophonist and composer Charlie “Bird” Parker. Forest Whitaker won several awards for his performance as Parker.
May 05, 6:00pm
A number of large U.S. metropolitan areas face the threat of earthquakes. Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—all located near major active faults—are statistically likely to experience major earthquakes in the near future.
May 05, 6:30pm
A century ago the Irish took up arms to end British rule—the Easter Rising marked the beginning of a period of drastic social and political changes that continue to reverberate through Irish life.
May 05, 7:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes journalist and prize-winning author of The Aleppo Codex MATTI FRIEDMAN for a reading from his latest book, Pumpkinflowers: An Israeli’s Soldier’s Story.
May 05, 7:00pm
Discussion/Signing Negotiating Capability and Diaspora: A Philosophical Politics
May 05, 7:30pm
Tsiganov has played and recorded with: Claudio Roditi, Esperanza Spalding, Chico Freeman, Bobby Watson, Victor Lewis, Avery Sharp, Bob Moses, Antonio Sanchez, Boris Kozlov, Alex Sipiagin, Norman Hedman, Willie Martinez, Bevan Manson, Jerry Bergonzi, Tony Malaby, George Garzone, John Lockwood, Bob Gullottii, Yoron Israel, George Schuller, Ed Schuller, Anita Coelho and others. He has appeared with his group on WERS-Boston radio station and in Eric In the Evening program on WGBH-Boston, performing original music and standards. - See more at: http://www.getshowtix.com/regattabar/moreinfo.cgi?id=3633#sthash.SBFFr3xr.dpuf
May 05, 8:00pm
Athene's first CD, “It’s About Time” gained national recognition and international airplay. Produced by Felix Mwangi of 12th Note Productions, it’s a dynamic collection that showcases her broad array of musical styles.
May 05, 8:00pm
In 1993, a songwriter banging around the Chicago club scene with a twangy voice and dangerous sense of humor caught our attention. We started making records with him, and as part of the first-generation Bloodshot roster, Robbie Fulks helped us define “Alternative Country.” In 2013, after two decades of playing music everywhere from the taverns of southern Illinois to the honky-tonks of northern Norway, from Austin City Limits’s soundstage to the historic Grand Ole Opry, he reunited with us for the highly acclaimed Gone Away Backward.
May 05, 8:00pm
John Williams Scores! (1967) dir Mark Robson w/Barbara Perkins, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, Susan Hayward, Lee Grant [123 min; DCP]
May 05, 8:30pm
For those who haven't heard of Liverpool's Lapsley, the songwriter and producer Holly Fletcher creates electronica that somehow manages to be both minimal and yet still deep, human and packed with character, Lapsley is destined to sweep the world - and she's only 18.
May 05, 9:30pm
On Thursday nights FiRE + iCE hosts a vibrant group of dancers of all levels and styles
May 06 all-day
a spirited and insightful commentary on two archetypes of American masculinity. ---Ben Brantley, The New York Times
May 06 all-day - May 09 all-day
Exclusive Area Premiere May 6–9 Only on 35mm! (2015) dir Dennis Hauck w/John Hawkes, Dichen Lachman, Sidney Tamiia Poitier, Robert Forster, Jeff Fahey [107 min]
May 06, 3:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes Assistant Professor of History and African and African American Studies at Harvard University ELIZABETH HINTON for a discussion of her book, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: The Making of Mass Incarceration in America.
May 06, 7:00pm
Harvard Book Store welcomes National Book Critics Circle finalist DAVID MEANS, author of four story collections, for a reading from his first novel, Hystopia.
May 06, 7:00pm
Discussion/Signing The Colonel Who Would Not Repent: The Bangladesh War and Its Unquiet Legacy
May 06, 7:30pm
HIGH RISK is all at once a new musical ensemble - a highly collaborative quartet convened by veteran trumpeter, composer and bandleader Dave Douglas; a new record on Douglas' own Greenleaf Music imprint - a richly evocative opus, rife with intersecting currents of sound and emotion; and a new conceptual endeavor, grappling with the tricky, even treacherous, but fertile intersection of these two similarly motivated but inherently disparate streams.
May 06, 8:00pm
So often in life we have to travel the emotional distance between loss and love. We find ourselves running from loss to embrace love, or sometimes, running from love to keep pace with emptiness and sadness.
May 06, 9:00pm
You Won'tYou Won’t is the musical duo of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, who first met in 1999 as unlikely fencing partners in a high school production of the Broadway flop “My Favorite Year.” Some 17 years later, they are still collaborating closely but no longer assaulting each other with pointy metal rods.
May 06, 10:00pm
Join 130+ dancers in Boston's newest hotspot..
May 07 all-day
a spirited and insightful commentary on two archetypes of American masculinity. ---Ben Brantley, The New York Times
May 07, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
This short-form documentary by RoundO Films follows the development and culmination of Looks of a Lot, a collaborative multimedia work by jazz pianist/composer/performer Jason Moran, commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2014.
May 07, 7:30pm
n this world-premiere adaptation of her critically acclaimed 2013 memoir, Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues, Emotional Creature, The Good Body, O.P.C.) celebrates the strength and joy that connect a single body to the planet.
May 07, 8:00pm
If Bobby Long has learned one thing for sure in the course of his music career, it’s that all things take time. He’s reflecting philosophically on the making his forthcoming third album, entitled ODE TO THINKING, which is named for the first track on the new recording.
May 08 all-day
a spirited and insightful commentary on two archetypes of American masculinity. ---Ben Brantley, The New York Times