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Week of Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 27, 7:00pm
January 29, 7:00pm
Hailing from Nashville, but nothing like your typical Nashville songwriter, Christopher Williams is a songwriter, storyteller, and entertainer - offering songs that are honest and confessional, yet never over bearing; and performances that engage audiences with an appealing mix of intense passion and humor.
January 29, 8:00pm
January 30, 8:00pm
Margaret Glaspy's got one of those voices. Hear it once and you'll know it forever: bluesy and light, soulful and specific, Glaspy's voice steams up the space above her cool guitar notes.
January 30, 8:00pm
January 31, 10:30am
BUG OUT! With Karen K & the Jitterbugs! Known for their upbeat,catchy, genre-swirling tunes that parents enjoy as much as their kids, Karen K & her Jitterbugs keep hands clapping and feet jumping at their rockin’, crowd-engaging shows performed across the country.
January 31, 8:00pm
Les Sampou is a blues/rock musician, who got her start in the Boston folk scene and now has moved on to national prominence and acclaim.