Science Club for Girls

Science Club for Girls
136 Magazine Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Science Club for Girls (SCFG) is a vibrant nonprofit that provides free, hands-on science and engineering programs to over 1,000 girls in five cities in eastern Massachusetts (Cambridge, Lawrence, Boston, Newton and Fitchburg), and in Pokuase, Ghana. Our mission is to increase the self-confidence and literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) of K–12th grade girls belonging to groups that are underrepresented in these fields. We make science fun and connect girls to over 150 volunteer women in STEM who model and foster leadership, affirm college as an expectation, and promote careers in science and technology as goals and options. Our programs include K-7 Science Clubs and Vacation Week Science, a Junior Mentor program for middle and high school girls to teach Science Clubs, and a Rocket Team and Media Team for high school girls. 

SCFG received the SBANE Innovation Award in 2011, and was recognized with one of six national MetLife AfterSchool Innovator Awards in Fall 2010 for the design and impact of their Science Clubs and CELLS (Career Exploration, Leadership and Life Skills) program. We are also the recipient the Nonprofit of the Year award by Cambridge Chamber of Commerce in 2009.

Given that 80% of the fastest growing jobs in the next decade will require a good foundation in STEM, efforts to increase interest and career awareness in these fields are essential to ensure the economic security for our girls and their communities. Out-of-school-time programs like Science Club for Girls are also an important strategy to narrow the achievement gap and to assure the long-term economic competitiveness for the state and the country. Join us!