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Waiv Campus, Inc.


The Waiv Campus Rewards Network is a service provided to college students and businesses near college campuses that allows them to build stronger connections. For students, the network helps to improve their college experience by allowing them to spend at nearby campus venues more often, while also building their credit score and improving their financial literacy. For businesses near campus, it is a free marketing channel that helps ensure students are more loyal, buy more often, order less delivery from off campus, and complete more group orders that result in larger ticket sizes and more connectivity to students.

Waiv is designed to help local businesses of all types to better connect with students. Through this better connection, we help businesses drive higher foot traffic and revenue. We would love to partner with all businesses in or near Harvard Square. We are a free service for businesses; the only thing that we ask is that our partner businesses are willing to provide some sort of student discount or promotion. The details of this promotion are very flexible and we work with businesses to find a program that works best for their business.

Email us: team@waivcampus.com


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