The University Station Alliance

1155 F Street NW, Suite 1050
Washington, DC 20004
Non Profit

Training managers, building strategic alliances, sharing resources, guarding editorial integrity, benchmarking performance, reviewing governance – these are some of the University Station Alliance (U:SA) initiatives.

U:SA Statement of Purpose
• To create a support system for stations licensed to institutions.

• To strengthen the public media system through improving the relationship between

broadcasters and institutions;

• To focus on commonalities of purpose between a station and its institution-licensee; to

integrate licensee/station missions and strategic plans so that stations have a place at the

institution table;

• To assist stations in managing licensee relations on a day-to-day basis;

• To establish “firewall” standards of editorial integrity;

• To test the assumption that it is in the best interest of all institution stations to continue to be

owned and operated by institutions; and if not,C/O Ernest T. Sanchez, Legal Counsel:

• To explore available options and help the station/licensee facilitate the transition


C/O Ernest T. Sanchez, Legal Counsel: