Bionic Project, Inc.

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Cambridge, MA 02138
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Health & Wellness

What are we doing?
On April 29, 2018, we are hosting the first inclusive 5K race in Harvard Square that recognizes the resilience and tenacity
of disabled athletes while celebrating the recent advances in science and technology that are ushering in a new bionic age.
Why are we doing it?
The 5K is the #1 race distance in the United States. In 2016, 17,000 5K races were held in the US with over 8.2 million
finishers. Typical races include one or two disabled athletes in a large crowd of participants. 1 We believe we can do
something different.
By assembling a critical mass of amputee and disabled runners, we can break down barriers and normalize the experience
of running alongside people with significant adaptations. In addition, by shining a light on the recent advances in science,
technology and rehabilitation medicine, we can engage and inspire a broader group of people as volunteers, runners and
supporters, building awareness of the incredible strides that are being made to end disability as we know it today.
Who are our key audiences?
● Disabled and amputee runners
● The local running community
● People who work in the science and technology fields in the greater Boston area
● People who work in health & fitness and sporting goods & apparel in the greater Boston area
● The large student population (elementary, high school, and college) who may volunteer, run, or be inspired to study
science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM)
● Teachers who want a practical, real world example of STEAM in action to inspire a class project or a design
● Parents of kids with disabilities to run and/or volunteer
● Local media to help publicize the event before and after the race.
How will we engage them?
Create partnerships and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses; conduct assemblies and information sessions at
targeted local schools; spread the word through a large social media presence; setup interactive informational booths at the
start/finish line to highlight exciting new projects and technological advances; and finish the race with a large celebration
– beer, food, camaraderie, and live music.
What is our overall positioning?
The Bionic 5K - where technology & human energy run together
Whether you are running with a prosthetic, an artificial hip or an upgraded knee, an Apple Watch or a fitbit, … join us,
and run bionic with a combination of tenacity and technology.
What are the critical parts of our story?
Two of the three race founders are amputees themselves. One is the world’s leading scientist in biomechatronics, one is
an elementary school teacher, and one has staged and directed six 5K races in Harvard Square from 2011-2016.
What will everyone get out of it?
We will run together; we will sweat together; we will learn together; and we will celebrate the triumph of possibilities
over disabilities together! Register today at