Follow the Honey

1132 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Business Hours: 

Sun - Thurs: 12:00 - 6:00pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 7:00pm
Monday 'Meet the Beekeeper' events: 6:00pm onward

Follow The Honey is not just a store, it's a honeybee-centric STORY [an adventure!] illuminating the landscape, wildlife and humanity from whence its nectar flow originates.

 To this noble mission, Follow The Honey travels the world bringing the finest of "transparency of source" honeys and bee-inspired offerings to you and your sweet ones. In addition to raw untreated honeys, we offer solar power created aromatherapy beeswax candles, mead kits, honey filled truffles from local chocolatiers, holiday cards, silk hexy-sexy scarves, Apis melliferous bling,  books of Melissae both scholarly & esoteric,  propolis tinctures, pure pollen, with honey infused lotions, soaps, scrubs & salves. We even carry Iggy's bread on weekends to slather your honey on with an organic local cheese to pair ~ we are your all purpose sweet gifting honeypot in Harvard Square!

And you can't have a honey store without bees, right?

As such BEST BEES founder, Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, blessed us by installing a now happy hive whom he rescued as it clung to a limb on corner of Mass Ave & Tremont Street. So come bring the kids to see our library/museum grade observation while you down your Berryline fro~yo [from across the street!] or after a Karma Yoga class, next door. We have HONEY ON TAP from President of Massachusetts Beekeepers Association, Dan Conlan & his wife Bonita, who both own & run Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield, MA.

Our RAW HONEY BAR is open daily for your palette to be tickled by a magic carpet ride taste of varietals & multi-florals from around the world. You SEE a honey, you TASTE a honey! And now that spring has sprung TGIF on THE NECTAR DECK is open for hosting creative weekly community gatherings, music & after hours concierge events. Bee in touch! Even if you're not buying, stop in for MEET THE BEEKEEPER MONDAYS weekly at 6pm to mingle with others of hive mind & the physical or metaphysical bee tender du jour.


Follow the Honey" travels the world to bring the finest in unique honeys and bee-inspired offerings to you and your sweet ones.
From raw local New England wildflower honeys to such exotic varietals as Hawaiian Hibiscus and Middle Eastern Sidr of Hadramaut, the taste of liquid gold conjures the realm of magical senses sought by poets & artists since recorded time.

Collaborating with eclectic artisans inspired by the mystical culture of the bee goddess, "Follow the Honey" is also sweetened with honeyed art and jewelry, imagined forth by glass blowers, goldsmiths, calligraphers and painters...and, of course, beeswax candlestick makers!
Bees and honey are a fascinating portal into critical issues faced by humans, agriculture, and wildlife, locally and globally. We partner with apiaries that resist pesticides, beekeepers who pollinate landscapes ravaged by war, groups that provide economic empowerment in developing countries, and bee farms that foster fair trade & human rights.
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